Not Next Week

Hi! I won’t be in the garden next week, May 16! See you the following week. I’m also thinking of having another day–let’s take a vote over the next week: which day/time works for you? Let me know in the comments.

Yes Today

Yup workday today, 3-5pm at 663 28th street.
It will be a lettuce pulling massacre, and greens harvest day. Might fire up the outdoor stove and make kale chips.

First Zucchini of the Year

Aren’t they gorgeous little things?

I actually don’t love eating zucchini, but of course I planted two bushes, forgetting what prolific little buggers they are. Summer squash always remind me of those warm, light-filled days, when the living is easy, and you can just go out to the garden to harvest whatever you need for dinner. Love that. My sister was here and made an amazing chard fresh pasta and put the first of the zukes plus their flowers over the pasta. Yum.

So, workday is on for today, May 2. 3-5pm, 663 28th street, oakland. It’s going to be very hot, so bring water. I think we will be transplanting strawberries and weeding. See ya! Payment will be in greens, salad mix, and my eternal gratitude.


Hey, I’ll be at Laney Community College giving a talk on Monday, April 22. Noon-1:30 in the Forum (the lecture hall between the library and a building named “B”. Hope to see you there.

Also, thanks to everyone who has been coming to work day. It’s become a fun regular thing. However, next week, Thursday, April 25, work day is canceled. My sister is in town and we are going on a pilgrimage. More on that later.

Rain day

Hello…Raindrops keep falling on my head…Today’s work day is canceled. Let’s try again next Thursday. The newly installed citrus trees are loving this precipitation…citrus

SF Reading/Presentation

The garden is really, really coming together. Yesterday my neighbor and I jack-hammered up a bunch of concrete. Last week I tried to use a concrete cutter, to no avail. The concrete on the lot, we discovered, is 6 inches thick and is very old, very limey. It’s a nightmare. But that jackhammer, that jackhammer went through the concrete like butter. I need to add compost and gypsum before planting the trees. Can’t wait.

Anyway, I’ll be doing a reading and presentation April 1 in San Francisco! I’ll have some slides to show how the garden is getting transformed, in addition to the back story. So, come on over to the Presidio!

USF Presidio Campus 112 – Classroom
Monday, April 01, 2013
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM