Chicken Noises

Oh god, the chickens are really annoying! But also cute, and egg-producing, so I put up with them. Now that the weather’s warm, they wake up and start yakking around 6:30 in the morning. I usually get up, feed them, feed the bunnies, then go back upstairs. The chickens are living near the rabbits, now, and I wonder if the bunnies wake them up earlier than usual. Anyway, it’s a racket of clucks and calls that stops as soon as the food hits the ground.
Back upstairs, there’s usually a moment when I think, hmmm, I could just make some coffee and get a bunch of writing done, read the paper on-line, squeeze some grapefruits for juice…but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m not quite a real farmer. I jump back into bed with Billy who is the deepest sleeper I’ve ever met. We sleep in until 9, like a bunch of lazy city-living slackers.

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