Billy’s watching the farm while I’m in France. He reported that the snails are trying to escape. Snails? Yes, well I meant to eat them before I left but was very busy packing and planning an event with Michael Pollan, here’s the link for that event—all about the farm bill, and how it matters to everyone who eats…but back to the mollusks: I found them in my garden, on an artichoke plant. They had munched the bottom leaves so that they resembled filigree and then took up residence on the long stalks. I collected a mason jar full of them, then put them in a larger jar with cornmeal and an artichoke leaf. Glad I waited to eat the little guys because my sister’s French hubby and his mom have lots of advice about how to best prepare them, and Riana gave me some escargot plates. Yesterday at the flea market in Narbonne, we found these snail holders and forks. Yay France for its snail eating ways!

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