Still jet-lagged.
Returned home to no baby bunnies.
Is Simon shooting blanks? (To be very crass.)
I had a great time in France, mostly because of my cute new niece Amaya and Riana’s great cooking. One of my favorite things Riana cooked was a rabbit! We bought it at the Narbonne Central Market. In France the animals in the market still have their feet and heads. The rabbit we bought was no different. The farmer lady chopped the fresh rabbit into pieces for us, using an enormous pair of scissors. We said ‘oui’ when she asked if we wanted the head (it was for Lucky the cat). Once we got it home, Riana dredged the rabbit with flour and spices, browned it, then baked it in a tagine for an hour. Delicious. I can’t wait to do the same with my urban bunny crop, if only they would reproduce.

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