Second lost hive

In a very troubling repeat, I’ve lost a second bee colony. This one was in the backyard of some hippies (see lady on the other side of me). When I arrived to do a hive inspection (now that it’s spring and warmish out) I noticed this drippy stuff coming out of the bottom of the hive. It was now-fermented uncapped honey. Not a good sign. Inside was tons of honey but no bees. Again, there were no dead bee piles outside the box. They had just vanished. Inside the brood area, a few formed bees were inside cells as if they were born but no one could feed them. Very strange. Oh well, guess I’ll extract the honey this weekend. I heard the Pescadero hive is still alive!

2 responses to “Second lost hive

  1. How sad that you lost another one. We read that Cell phones are the cause of honeybees leaving their hives. Have you read anything about this?
    Thanks for the bunny porn. 🙂

  2. Novella Carpenter

    lou lou! i heard you’re having a garden party! glad to meet all your bunny porn needs…

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