This Pig’s Life

Guess who got two pigs this weekend?
Took the station wagon with this cage (that’s Billy standing in the back) to a 4-H swine auction. There was a real auctioneer, and the kids trotted out the pigs from the back. We were given a number, and the bidding began. I liked these red pigs (called Durocs) because they were slightly smaller and, I don’t know, they seemed more like pets. Notice how the lady in the photo on the left is cradling the dang thing like a toddler!
After about an hour and a half, we had ourselves two show quality piggies! A girl and a boy. The first thing Bill said when we loaded them up and got in the car was: “Stinks!” They sure did. Once we got them home and put them in the pen, I put out a bunch of cedar chips and they didn’t stink anymore. So far the female is the nicer of the two. She lets me brush her and likes her rump scratched. They love dumpstered bread. Most of the time they sleep in the sun, like a bunch of lazy pigs.

2 responses to “This Pig’s Life

  1. R. told me you got piglets. Now it’s a true farm. Do you have a place for the pigs to wallow in the mud? Any comments from the neighbors yet?

  2. Novella Carpenter

    hi nana;
    there’s a great wallow just behind the chicken house. they love to root up the ground–it’s gotten very fluffy in their pen area. i’m planning on taking them out on leashes and having them dig up all that terrible bermuda grass in the lot!

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