Oh man, these pigs are a pain in the butt. Both cute and annoying. For instance, they are smart and can open the door to the chicken house, once inside they mess up the nesting boxes, eat the eggs, and spill the water containers. But then they’ll get really sleepy, wander over to a shady spot in their pen and take long, deep naps together. And they wag their tails when they get an especially toothsome treat like stale bread soaked in the dregs of vegetable oil from the deep-fat fryer. We had a party last night celebrating our friend Nick Wright, who was up for a visit to the Bay Area from his home in Mexico City. There were plenty of pig viewings, and his friend Dave took this awesome photo. Thanks Dave!

5 responses to “Pigger!

  1. They say that pigs are on a par with dogs, intelligence-wise. So it’s not surprising that your pigs are into everything and exploring everything!

  2. They are SOOOO cute, give them lots of toys to play with and get a padlock for that henhouse 🙂

  3. Impossible Jane

    My boyfriend won’t eat pig because he says they are very intelligent and are conscious of pain and pending death.

    My old boss used to keep pigs and chickens and she found her pig eating her chickens one day. She walked into the pen and the pig had a chicken leg sticking out of its’ mouth.

  4. catfishjohn

    mmmmmm bacon.

  5. I would love to have an excuse to have a pig. I don’t eat meat but I love pigs. This picture is just making me want one more! They are so darn cute. If I had an orchard I could get one to help keep down the weeds and leave lots of helpful manure. But I don’t have an orchard.

    Also the city ordinance expects me to have a half an acre per livestock animal.

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