Collard Man

Back in the fall, William and I took a trip up to OAEC, which is a demonstration garden, arts center and intentional community. They have a great plant sale in the fall and spring (the spring one is this weekend–May 5) featuring lots of region-specific varietals of vegetables. Like a crazy beautiful variegated collard, which has gone to seed and I’m going to save for planting at the end of summer. I also got some cauliflower starts, but the funny thing is, they never formed heads. Instead we got these enormous leaves, which are delicious when cooked as collards–with garlic, onions, and a smoked turkey wing. Here’s William in our kitchen demonstrating the size of the leaves.

3 responses to “Collard Man

  1. He could well be the “Green Man” in a Celtic garden. Put him out there and water him well.


  3. I miss the OAEC plant sale. We used to live in Santa Rosa and I loved being out there, not just for the great plants, but also to hang out with the farms chickens, and to walk around in the demonstration gardens. That place has provided so much garden inspiration.

    We now live in McMinnville Oregon and the two garden places I miss the most are Harmony Farms in Sebastopol and the OAEC.

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