Baby Bunnies

Simon’s a dad. He doesn’t seem to care much. But the black-faced bandit is a proud little mama. If I get too close, she makes a grunting noise and tries to scratch me. It was risky just getting this shot!
In early May, I noticed that she started building a nest with the soft fur from her belly (this is called kindling). Then the other day I went out to the rabbit area and saw the fuzzy stuff was moving! They look like, well, rats. Kind of hairless. I hear rabbits are born with their eyes open. Mama doesn’t spend much time in the crate nursing the babies–I guess this is a survival technique.

One response to “Baby Bunnies

  1. Shades of Blue

    I grew up in Mozambique where my neighbour was a city farmer like you. He raised rabbits, and grew vegetables. I fondly and vividly remember all this. Arizona, however, is a different beast. I so struggle with understanding growing seasons here. I enjoy reading your blog.

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