Would You Deny This Pig?

New low levels. This bucket contains fish guts. This pig is very cute, though, so don’t you want to feed him something his likes? I mean loves? Did you know pigs love fish guts?
Yup. Fishermen in Maine used to (probably still do?) feed their pigs the fish guts all summer, then corn for a few weeks before slaughter so they didn’t taste like, well, fish. I know the pigs like something because they’ll fight over it when I pour it into the slop trough. When I first poured a few fish guts found in Oakland’s Chinatown, they literally shrieked with delight. So William and I go out on fish-finding missions and get them want they really want. Oh, so gross, yet so cute, and later, so delicious.

3 responses to “Would You Deny This Pig?

  1. I meant to ask if you intended to slaughter your pigs. Now it’s all clear. I totally respect that, though I could never do it.

    Would the meat really taste of fish guts?

  2. Dang! I wish I could be there to help you dig through questionable dumpsters for questionable fish guts!

  3. I like pigs! How many you got? any babys? how many boys and girls? Pigs are pretty cool!

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