My heart is swelling just thinking about the beet I pulled up in the garden. Thing was the size of someone’s head. In fact, here’s Severine and her head. The beet grew to this monstrous proportion in the back of a bed. I kept thinking, “I need to harvest those beets there.” But then I’d forget. Finally, the thing started to go to flower (a thick stalk starts shooting up, it’s quite lovely actually) so I got in there and pulled the beast out. It must have weighed 10 pounds. After showing it off for a few hours (I took it to the Biofuel Oasis and displayed it for biodiesel customers for awhile), I cut it up and roasted it with garlic, marjoram flowers, and salt. I thought it was a choigga–the striped red and white beet–but this monster was all white inside. The taste? It was just okay, so I fed the leftovers to the ever-hungry hogs.

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