Farm Diagram

Many people wonder what the urban farm looks like. Here’s a rough diagram. Note that the circles represent trees, the squares raised beds (and billboards, the current one, We Buy Homes Fast: 888-998-4581). You can see that the majority of the farm is the abandoned “squat” lot–future home for the ducks and geese, current home to two stray cats and a beehive.
Yesterday Willow came over and we built a pig enclosure in the lot. That way the hogs will get some pasture and exercise. The only problem? When I tried to walk the girl pig over to the garden, she got really nervous and wouldn’t leave her area. I’m going to buy a large dog harness. Our plans dashed, Willow and I drank a bunch of tea and sketched out a diagram for a smokehouse. Yee-haw!

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