My favorite tool

I wrote about my honey extractor in the Kevin Kelly cool tools website. But the tool I haven’t been able to confess to Mr. Kelly is this: a fly strip. I know, I know, it’s gross to see all those fly corpses in one sticky place. However, when you have two pigs and two chickens out back, and 35 chicks and 6 poults, 6 ducklings, 2 goslings, and 14 rabbits–what’s a girl to do? Some guests came by and told me about an ingenious fly trap that learned about at Full Belly Farm. It’s a container of yeast flakes and water that acts as an attractant to flies. However, when they try to get out, they fly upward, but are stymied by a cone of mesh. For some reason, the flies can’t figure out how to get out the way they came. I guess the farmers at Full Belly then dump the flies out at the end of the day, for the chickens. Genius! Still, I’m sticking by my fly trap.

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