Baby Turkeys

Not sure what kind Murray McMurray sent me. There are three white ones and three brownish ones. I’m thinking the white guys are Hollands or Giant Whites or White Midgets and the brown ones just might be Chocolates. It’s exciting to watch them grow. They are fearless, compared to the chicks (or are they just dumb?), who run away at any strange sound. They also make a “peep-peep-peeeeep” call that is somehow the saddest sound in the world, yet comic at the same time. Like John Belushi.
Last time I raised I turkeys, I wrote an essay about it for It made some animal rights activist-type people mad. But can’t they see that I loved my turkey? It’s just that I was also celebrating Thanksgiving–and my heritage. I’m hoping at least one of the six make it to my table this year.

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