Duck Herder

The ducklings and gosling are almost imprinted. That is, they think I’m mom. When they see me, they began howling and quacking, which inspires me to feed them grain, check their water, cradle their soft little wiggly bodies, and hand them bits of bok choy while making strange whistling and kissing noises. So I guess I’m imprinted on them just as much as they are to me.
As you can see, they’re outdoors now, but just during the day. It’s still just a bit too chilly for them at night. I lead them outside in the morning, the sound of their feet pattering on my hardwood floors is very endearing. Still, got the Cottage River Meat Book and the author argues that goose is the most meaty–and delicious–of the water fowl. Can’t wait, too, to make confit. I’m terrible.

2 responses to “Duck Herder

  1. Wow! It’s amazing how quickly they’re growing!

  2. Novella Carpenter

    i know, they’re just huge! soon they’ll have feathers and will be swimming around the lot…

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