GrayWater Girl

Look what’s hatched…A new gray water system! Gray water is simply recycling water from your sink or shower or washing machine. I’ve been meaning to install some kind of system for our laundry because it uses so much water, and it’s water that could go to the fruit trees in the lot. First I acquired a handsome, only slightly used 55-gallon drum (full disclosure–this used to be the pig’s home when they were little!). Then I filled a bucket with sand (for biofilteration), lined the barrel with rocks and wood chips, then placed an old fashioned wash bin underneath the barrel. Water flows in, gets filter, then lands in the bin. Of course, I have to scoop it out with a bucket and hand water the trees. Inside, I got some extra long washer hose from the hardware store, connected it to the out-take hose for the washer and viola! I use Oasis soap, which isn’t just biodegradable, it’s biocompatible. Which means it adds nutrients to the water, so the plants are happy. Here’s a view under one of the plum trees of the chicken tractor…happy little hens. Yes, that’s Buddha watching out for them.

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