It’s a Big Job

This was William’s chore list. It’s what I do every day, but suddenly, seeing it written down, makes it seem like a back-breaking slog. I cooked 8 buckets of slop for the pigs before I left, but still William was busy giving the chicks and poults and bunnies water and food.
The tragic news is, all of the lovely baby chicks were killed. We put them out in a secure chicken tractor, but some predator came along on Thursday night and literally pried the chicken wire off the chicken tractor and just killed everything in sight. Very very sad. We were lucky that 10 of the chicks had been placed in homes before the carnage-filled night. Those are the breaks. I ordered replacements, and Willow and I are looking at a local source for chicks and pullets.

2 responses to “It’s a Big Job

  1. omg! that is so sad. are you gonna make ‘possum stew when you catch that predator? im sure that they went to baby chick heaven where life is full of good food and warm lamps.

  2. Amazing timing. I left for a couple months and my four chickens were ravaged by a coon within like 2 weeks. They were like mini-chickens, bigger than pullets, so I figured they’d have a chance, but no. I guess I’ll make something out of chain-link fence next time. And get some goats.

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