Day 2

July 1 was all rabbit rabbit and excitement about the beginning of my month-long farm eating experiment. The rules are, I only get to eat things that I’ve grown, raised, or made myself. So that includes everything growing the garden, the garlic drying in the pantry, the preserved lemons and jam and olives I made many months ago. And of course the almost ready ducklings and rabbits. It’s a way to prove that one person can live off a little piece of land, and a way to really get connected to my garden. Instead of viewing the garden as a supplement, it’s now lifeblood. Of course this is only for a month and it seemed like it would be fun and challenging. Then I got the caffeine headaches.
It’s hard to get excited about picking salad and greens for lunch when your head is pounding. I thawed out a chicken I killed a few months ago, and baked it last night, but had such a bad headache I just went to bed instead. So I had breakfast roast chicken: Oh my god, it’s so good. Juicy and crispy on the outside. I’ll be eating it again tonight for dinner with some stewed Santa Rosa plums that are so tasty–bright and saucy, my mouth waters just thinking about them.

2 responses to “Day 2

  1. Novella, even Barbara Kingsolver caved in and bought coffee, had to be Fair Trade of course

  2. What a great idea! Once the headaches go away that is. Good luck!

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