Day 5

Oh lord. It feels like day 17. You know when that yoga lady tells you that you should give up coffee because it’s poisoning your temple, etc? And you want to tell her she should maybe saw off her legs? Well. After day five of the 100 yard farm feast, the searing headache and weird body aches, induced from caffeine withdrawals–have mostly cleared up. Yesterday, I felt kind of floaty and healthy. I’ve been eating a lot of apples, kale, potatoes, chicken, and salad. Still, I feel like there’s something lacking. And that is: butter. And pizza. And flour. Okay, I’ll stop.

5 responses to “Day 5

  1. if you want butter, all you have to do is get a cow! duh!

    ok, i’m just kidding. good luck, this is an amazing thing you are doing.

  2. can you milk the pigs? can we send you stuff from our garden? lol, at the yoga teacher.

  3. Hey, there is, like, nothing wrong with adding “foods I barter and trade for” to that list. You grow the bunny meat and you trade with the cheesemonger. No?

  4. I could send you some leaves from the camellia sinensis plant. You did buy it at the Oly. Farmers Market. So officially it’s part of your garden.

  5. Novella Carpenter

    we were joking that we should milk the rabbits.
    yum, a wee bit of rabbit cheese.

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