Day 12

The Camellia sinensis arrived yesterday! In an act of pure caffeine-induced desparation a week ago, I ordered three of these tea plants over the phone from a nursery called Camellia Forest ( Got the large leaf, small leaf and the assamica varieties. The plants arrived through UPS, and I promptly planted them in my front yard. Then I dashed upstairs and made some tea. According to the directions from Camellia Forest, to make green tea, you pick the leaves, let them hang for a few hours until they are limp. Next you steam or sautee them to prevent oxidation. The final step is to put the leaves in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes. Did I get my buzz on? Kinda.
Other things learned from the 100-yard diet in the last few days:
-dried fava beans with preserved lemons, garlic, shallots, and some olive oil makes a good spread for lightly blanched cabbage leaves.
-best salad: roasted beets, apple chunks, hard-boiled egg, onions, lettuce, and olives.
-blackberries drizzled with honey: go there.
-stewed apricots are kind of weird.
-little ducklings don’t have much meat, but they do have some good fat.
In other news, the New York Times came to the farm yesterday and took photos of me and the pigs, me and the ducks, me and the chickens, me and the rabbits. I’m sure he thought I was insane. Look for the article at the end of the month.

4 responses to “Day 12

  1. chris told me he caught you in our dumpster last night. if you want some scraps, all you have to do is ask. bring us some buckets and we’ll gladly save you some of the good stuff. it’s that easy.

  2. NYT! Yay! Pleeease post a linky to the online article when it comes out.

    You don’t have any goats? Them little pygmies can make milk for cheese.

  3. Baby goats would be rad! They are so cute and so good roasted on a spit.

    You have to post the article, *jumping up and down* can’t wait to read that.

    LOL at Samin, I bet she was looking for pig fodder or coffee ground? hee hee

  4. Novella Carpenter

    hey samin;
    great news–we’re exhausted, the pigs are so hungry. i’ll bring by buckets monday.

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