Day 19

Jeez, time’s flying. Only 12 days before I can have a proper cup of tea. And some toast with butter….
Update on the huge blow-out $8 spending spree:
Headed to the Berkeley Farmer’s market on Tuesday. I don’t usually love the farmers market so much–too many people, shopping in general is lame–but as soon as I got off my bike, I felt delirious. So many options! So many well-fed people! My friend Jon! After my first pass, it was clear what I would be buying: wheat products. From Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm, I purchased two, 2-pound bags of flour (they mill it on the farm!), 1 pound bag of wheat groats. That took out $6. Which seems ridiculously cheap. I only had $2 left, so I bartered with the cheese lady (can’t remember their name, it’s not very good cheese) and she sold me a tub of cheese curds for two smackers. Suddenly I felt very rich. My eating future seemed brighter. On the ride home, I went limp when I realized I COULD MAKE BREAD! At home I started the process to make my own wild yeast starter. Should be ready in a few more days.

3 responses to “Day 19

  1. I can’t believe you spent money!?!?!?!?!? I know it was only $8 (which is not really even a drop in the bucket for me) but you MUST consider that the money the evil man gave you may have been FAKE!!!!!!

    Don’t you know that money is the root of all evil? People can get by just fine without ever spending money.

    Why do you feel that you should should have the right to spend money to buy food? That just creates wealth for some other person (who may just have the wrong ideas for how to spend the money.) Not to mention, that person who you paid for the food has probably used a petroleum powered car to deliver the food to you and that car is polluting our precious planet.

    Perhaps you should take stock of what you have and go ahead and eat all of that delicious rabbit, chicken, pig and the wonderful beautiful vegetables you have raised and grown in your fancy downtown garden instead of just selling it to make a PROFIT!!!!!!

  2. Novella Carpenter

    mr sir wrote to me directly and confessed to being drunk when writing this post. i’ll leave it up because it’s f-ing hilarious! ms. bunny mom, did you want to add something? hmmm?

  3. damn, for a new blogger, you sure do get slammed A LOT.

    When you said that you went limp, I thought it was because those bags of flour were so heavy. LOL

    I can just see you bargaining with the cheese curds and whey lady… its all I have, seriously.

    ps I sent you an email youtube about how to skin a rabbit.

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