Day 26

In celebration of the Tour de France, and the French foodways, I ate me a rabbit last night. I picked the fattest boy bunny from the last litter and used a very humane method I learned on the internet. You just break the rabbit’s neck then bled it out. I thanked the bunny for feeding me, but I forgot to save the blood (sorry Benji, my French brother-in-law). Killing and dressing a rabbit is much easier than its poultry counterparts. I put the pelt in the freezer for when I have time to learn how to tan the thing.
How did I cook it? Just like my sister–I dredged the pieces in flour and spices (in my case, fennel pollen), fried it in duck fat and some red wine, then baked it in the oven. When William tried it, he said, “Damn, that’s better than pork!” Must’ve been the duck fat. Plus, we feed the rabbits very well–only the freshest greens from dumpsters in Chinatown and organic greens from Berkeley’s dumpsters. I supplement that with rabbit pellets from Templeton Farms. I served the rabbit on a bed of home-made (of course!) sauerkraut that was spiked with wild carrot seeds (I gathered these in Wyoming last summer). Wonderful flavor combination!
In other news, I’m out of flour. I used the last of it to make a loaf of sourdough/onion/coriander bread. The loaf is very solid. I wouldn’t call it good, but it’s filling. This morning I ate my dream meal: two fried eggs, two pieces of toast and tea. Yes, tea. I’ve been fermenting some tea leaves (along with the duck proscuitto) in an old refrigerator. After five days, the leaves were so shruken, I only had enough for one cup of tea–but it was a good one. It tastes and smells like oolong. Yum.
Score of the week at the dumpster last night: A full-sized wheel of Roquefort. France is in the air!

4 responses to “Day 26

  1. I’m surprised the crazy bunny lady hasn’t berated you for your meal yet!
    Sounds delicious and lucky you, you found an entire wheel of Roquefort??? Riana will be jealous!
    Can’t wait to see you in September.

  2. Novella Carpenter

    I’m expecting a firebomb on my porch any day now.
    Can’t wait to see you and hang out in France!

  3. viva la france, baby. rochefort rules. I wonder what french people throw away? Cheddar? I better start diving!

    where are the photos? chanting photos photos!!

  4. Novella–totally random question! I’m writing a novel–and in my novel, one of my characters watches someone skin a rabbit…is it something that’s particularly time consuming/difficult, like it is to prep a duck? Or something simple/swift? (the person doing it is an experienced hunter–and the person watching it is a boy who’s never skinned a rabbit before).

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