Day 30

I walked out the door today, headed for work, with a large bag, filled with food, of course. I had some roasted beets with basil and mint and sliced Armenian cucs. A rabbit soup with kale and onions. A jar of honey. Three sprigs of mint (for tea for later). A large apple. A jug of sangria for a post-work barbeque (my homemade wine is really sweet–sangria and mulled are probably the only way I’m going to drink it). It’s both a liberating feeling–I haven’t spent money on food in one month, I know the food I’m eating is safe and healthy, I grew it myself! And it’s a little claustrophobic at the same time–hmm, before I leave for any destination, I have to think about where I’ll get my next meal. When I’m driving truck, I’ll bring a jar of honey, for example: that’s my energy drink. I plan to keep the good and discard the bad when July ends.

2 responses to “Day 30


    These people need to give you some wine!

    Tomorrow: cheese and coffee!!!!

  2. I’ve just found your blog after reading your article on Salon. Looking forward to browsing your writing, and I’m very impressed by your processing of the ducks. I’m a dedicated omnivore, but I haven’t helped process meat from slaughter to table since I was a little girl (about 27 years ago).

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