Last Day!

Only two hours left for my “epic”, month-long experiment in surviving on food grown and raised only on my mini-farm in urban Oakland. My BF and I went to Berkeley Bowl and I bought a few items in anticipation of tomorrow, when I can eat some store bought crap. Here’s what I got:
-whole milk
-half and half
-durum spaghetti
-bag of corn chips
I got sort of spaced out at Berkeley Bowl–so many dizzying options. But I rejected most of them. I went to buy walnuts, and I remembered, like a girl recalling her first lover, the farmer who sells walnuts on Fridays. Same with the butter. It’s great to know I don’t ‘need’ to buy anything.
My mom wanted to know if I felt more healthy after doing this. I have to say yes. Being off coffee for a month is good no matter what. Sorry if this is TMI but I didn’t have cramps this month at all. I’ve decided to only drink coffee as a treat. For my morning bev, it’s lapsong souchong all the way! Also, I lost a bit of fat on my arms and hips, so I’m feeling kinda buff. I can’t wait, though, to have enough to eat so I can take long bike rides without starting to fade.
Tomorrow I’m meeting an editor for lunch. That word, lunch, is just luscious.
Okay, I’m babbling. Starting the next post, it’s back to photos of the farm animals, and less about me. Whew! Thanks for joining me–and rabbit rabbit!

P.S. I have a story in today’s
I guess I made one mistake: the Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard is at MLK elementary, not Malcolm X. Sorry, I went on a tour of Malcolm X elementary’s schoolyard a few years ago, so I thought that was the garden. It is a nice space with a cob tool shed and lovely veggies.

5 responses to “Last Day!

  1. three things:

    1. congratulations on making it through this month. it was a pretty amazing goal, i think. you rock.

    2. i think you left your blue vest at the restaurant.

    3. your article is fabulous. i’m going to print it out for chris. he’s going to love it.

  2. Hi
    I look forward to reading your blog, which I found after reading the Salon article. Living just on the other side of the estuary, I am jazzed to hear of the good work that you and the Panthers are doing. Cheers.

  3. Congratatulations for the successful month. I might try that someday, eh, but I’ll have to cheat and have coffee.

  4. Hi Novella,
    I got to visit your lovely pigs last month when we picked up some chickens from Willow. I wondered, “Who would keep pigs in Oakland?” Of course it must have been you, especially when your boyfriend mentioned that his girlfriend was raising rabbits on the patio.
    Congrats on the local diet! What a culinary challenge.
    I can’t tell from the pics what kind of bunnies you have. We’re raising California Satins – wonderful meat rabbits.
    A warning about saving the hides for that magical moment when you’ll have the time to take up tanning: They end up taking up a lot of freezer space and they’re tricky to get rid of (I’ve given away batches of more than a dozen three times now and I think they’ve always ended up in someone else’s freezer awaiting that magical moment…)
    Love your writing!

  5. Novella Carpenter

    Hey y’all! Thanks for the kind words. I felt you all cheering for me!
    Samin–cool, hope Chris likes it.
    SF values–i have california/new zealand crosses. That’s so cool you got to meet the piggies! Come by next time you’re in the ‘hood.

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