Liquor, liquor, liquor

Here are some photos of my attempts to “put up” some alcohol.
-Wine. The grapes were picked last fall, in Redwood Valley in Mendocino County. My friend Jennifer arranged the picking–we were allowed to glean from Coturri vineyards in exchange for 5 gallons of biodiesel. After stomping the grapes with our feet and decanting the liquid, they’ve been bubbling away in carboys for the past 8 months. On July 4, we racked it. Unfortunately, it’s quite sweet and kind of horrible tasting. The year before we used Merlot grapes, and the wine was actually very drinkable. This season it was sangiovese. My solution? Sangria baby. It makes a great fruity chilled wine. Since I have 25 bottles, I’ll probably use the rest for cooking, vinegar, and maybe some mulled wine in the winter months.

-Bitters. Here’s a photo of nocino-making. It’s just green walnuts, some cinnamon sticks, honey (in my case, some use sugar or maple syrup) and a jar of vodka. It won’t be ready until the winter months, either.
-Mead. In the next few days I’m going over to my friend John White’s house to rack up the mead (honey beer) we made almost a year ago.
Looks like I’ll be set in the liquor department.

One response to “Liquor, liquor, liquor

  1. You inspired me to make some walnut hooch too. Scroll down for the recipe and photos

    Next, I am thinking about making some apricot rum? Or some other kind of fruit. Something cozy to get us through the cold winters.

    Wonder if the wine will get better with time? Its the sugar that turns into alcohol with wine. Perhaps?

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