Dirty Monkeys

Hey, it’s not just me here on this farm. There’s a certain monkey man who helps make this operation run smoothly. Especially when it comes to our lovely car, the Slop Bucket, which fetches all the dumpster goodies for the pigs. As you can imagine, Mr. Bill’s hands get pretty dirty fixing this mighty vehicle. Luckily, he has a secret beauty ingredient: honey and sugar. First you pour on a dab of honey, then sprinkle sugar, and rub vigorously. Works like a charm–and no nasty chemicals on his skin (well, except for the oil and brake cleaner that got in before he washed).

2 responses to “Dirty Monkeys

  1. I like how you wash the monkey in the bathtub, LOL. Good idea with the honey, add a little lemon too. Better than those hot sushi towels!

  2. hey– i was just reading about this sheep cheese makers life in some small portuguese island and how he doesnt have water or electricity and he washes his hands with sheeps milk!

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