I Heart Pescadero

We’re headed to Pescadero, CA to visit to our friend Ned and his Blue House Farm: http://www.bluehousefarm.org. They grow strawberries, tomatoes, greens, melons, pumpkins, and lettuces. This time last year we went down and came back with three buckets full of ‘seconds’ tomatoes. They just had a little black spot at the tip of the fruit (usually a sign of a calcium deficiency). I cut that off and jarred 25 quarts of the best tasting stewed tomatoes ever. I pledged to never buy tomatoes in a can again. But we ran out pretty fast. So the idea this year was to get as many buckets as possible. When we called Ned to say we’re coming down, he told us the tomatoes aren’t ripe yet! It’s been a cold, fog-soaked summer in Pescadero. Oh well, we’re still making the trip down–we need to extract some honey from a beehive we keep there.
If you live around the Bay Area, you should go out to Pescadero. It’s only an hour’s drive, and then you’re in the middle of farm country with the sea right next door. It’s heaven. Dee Harley, a wonderful goat cheese maker is there (www.harleyfarms.com), as is a dried bean farm (can’t remember the name) that sells something like 100 types of dry beans. I’ll post photos when we get back.

2 responses to “I Heart Pescadero

  1. It’s Phipps Farm, right, with the beans? I have yet to visit, but just met Ned at the Roadhouse Barn with Jerod and Nancy last weekend. Hope to visit them again soon and write about them.

    Nice to discover your work!

  2. There’s a secret about your post. ICTTYTIHBKY

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