Hark the bee gate

My sister’s so cool. She talked her way into the beekeepers collective store near her home in the south of France, and got me some bee goodies. One is this bee gate. Last time I went to France, a local beekeeper gave us a tour of his bee set-up. He was so enthusiastic, he said beekeeping is the best job ever. The bee gates, he explained, are for when you move the hives. Usually, around here at least, most beekeepers staple wire mesh over the entrance of the hive. But then, as I discovered, the task of prying the staples off while bees are inside, pissed at you for being sequestered for so long, becomes daunting. With this gate, you mount screws on either side of the box, then flip them around once you’ve moved the box. Brilliant! She also sent some cool old “miel” stickers. Thanks Riana!

4 responses to “Hark the bee gate

  1. glad that you like them! hope that the bees like them french gates too. sorry that the dress didnt fit, maybe you can make a hive cosy out of it? lol

  2. Novella Carpenter

    or i could make a small dress for each bee!

  3. I use those same beegates too, but not for transporting. In winter I place them over the entrances with the serrated side down to keep out mice. A strip of 1 inch foam is an easier way of containing the bees when transporting them. As you are no doubt finding it’s hard to nail in the bee gates on a hot summer night without disturbing the guard bees.

  4. Novella Carpenter

    hey rufus;
    the italian beekeeper keeps the gates on all year round. he doesn’t use nails, but permanent keyhole screws that remain attached to the side of the beehive. he just flips them around when he’s going to move ’em (i think).

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