UF Movies: 8/18 in Oakland

For you Bay Area folk: I’m screening a documentary I made (just finished editing, pant pant) this Saturday. It’s about urban farming programs in Venezuela. Like Chavez or hate him, some of his social programs freaking rule. There will be other movies about urban farming all over the world. Here are the details:

City Slicker Farms
Sustainability Film Screening
Please join us on Saturday August 18th at 6:30 pm for an outdoor screening of films focusing on urban farming and the
lives that are affected by food justice movements all over the world. By exposing more community members to
sustainable practices we hope to raise awareness of the need to grow organic and healthy produce in all communities.

Featuring: Local Organic Food Tastings, Local Artists, and Urban Farming Documentaries
Saturday August 18th 6:30 – 10:00
The Secret Garden 5105 Genoa Street
North Oakland, CA
Bring your own cup, cushion, or blanket.
Valet bicycle parking or please park on MLK, West St.
or Market St.
Call us for more information 510-763-4241 or email us

3 responses to “UF Movies: 8/18 in Oakland

  1. That is so freaking cool!!!!

  2. Gol dang, you rock. From where did this documentary come? Do you have unlimited minutes?

  3. Novella Carpenter

    hey andy;
    it’s like 8 minutes long. do you know how to upload something to youtube? that way you can watch it!

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