Pig report

For those of you wondering how the pigs are doing, here’s a statistical report:
Number of 15 gallon buckets eaten every day: 6
Loaves of bread eaten (each, per day): 3
Bags (think black plastic garbage bag size) of sawdust and bedding used per week: 8
Average length of a pig nap: 20 minutes
Number of naps taken over the course of the day: 20
Weight: 200 lbs each
Back fat, inches: 2
Flies attracted: 1,200
Number of visits by neighborhood kids: twice a week
Days left before I’m taking them up north for slaughter: 19

6 responses to “Pig report

  1. How do you “use” multiple bags of sawdust per week? (That is, where does the sawdust go?)

  2. Novella Carpenter

    hey evan;
    i spread it in their pen and hanging out area. they love fresh bedding, whoever said pigs are dirty? they roll around, jump, and generally frolic in the stuff. the next day it’s totally wet and dirty again so in comes the new stuff.

  3. How do you decide when to axe them? Some magical weight number?

  4. Novella Carpenter

    the axing is based on when my salumi-master can fit me into his busy schedule at his restaurant. bill and i were ready this past weekend–exhaustion from collecting food for the beasts–but it wasn’t going to work. it’s probably better anyway, so they’ll get bigger.

  5. god, i think its hard just trying to come up with baby food three times a day. i cant imagine hefty hunnnngry pigs!

  6. Wow! They were only about 70 lbs when I saw them a few weeks ago.

    I like it that you are helping the neighborhood kids learn about how we are all together here. It would be neat if they could have a sample somehow.

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