Luck of the Irish

We bid farewell to our awesome visitors. Joe, Paul, and Naoise–all from Ireland–camped out in our guest room for a week, and helped out on the urban farm tremendously. A delivery of 5 yards of dirt did not daunt them, they got out the buckets and spread the love all over the garden. Amazingly, they actually wanted to go dumpster diving with us. They couldn’t believe the bread dumpster. “If there was one of these in Dublin,” Paul said, “I’d never buy bread again.” They were all vegetarian but we didn’t freak them out too much with our meat farm. Naoise pointed out that most carnivores never know what they’re eating. They only got mugged once (what can you do?) when a guy came to the door when I wasn’t home and told them they had to pay extra rent for staying at our house. At first they were freaked out, but then it became a good story to tell, a horrible keepsake of Oakland. God, our neighborhood is harsh on the young and innocent. “The Kids” as we called them, left this morning by train to New York. Before coming to the Bay Area, they worked on a building project in New Orleans. Good, good, kids.

One response to “Luck of the Irish

  1. OMG, how much did he get out of them?

    Sounds like wwoofing kind of!

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