Job Title: Scrounger

A friend of mine just sent me a link to join his “LinkedIn” network. I went there and signed up for his group, called Freelancers. For my job title I typed in “Scrounger.” It’s what I do best.
Tonight we went d-diving for the piggers and found a two buckets worth of raspberries (yellow and red). The big score, though, was six really ripe goat cheeses called Red Gold. Stinky! Probably good when it’s not bad. Then we cruised a bulky pick-up pile and found a million kitchen utensils: tongs, wooden spoons, spatulas, and yes, a rolling pin. I’m back in the pasta-making business!
Also today I hit the library, which is where the best things in life are free comes true every day. I found great books about weeds, turkeys, and brain-tanning. Look for some gross photos soon.
Here’s a photo of the latest score: 8 overripe pineapples. I’m slowly dehydrating them (my dehydrator can only do one at a time and takes about 12 hours).

3 responses to “Job Title: Scrounger

  1. LOL, we were just talking about this in my momma’s group. My job title on Linkedin is “domestic goddess”, fitting, eh?

    Score on the d-diving. I was reading last night about and No impact man’s night of foraging the metropolis’ cans. He got a bag of croissants, bagels and lots of goodies.

    There is a lady called dumpster diving diva who writes some funny stuff on livejournal as well.

    My husband gets really embarrassed when I do it, but we have these free dumps and they are FULL of great stuff and separated already into iron, wood, etc. I got some drywall. When I lived in LA, I used to frequent the floral dumpster on saturday nights; they throw away all the spent flowers.

    PS I dehydrate my fruit by putting them in the oven after I have cooked something. Saves enegery too.

  2. Knew you’d score a pin in no time. Good going! Regards, Michelle

  3. Frau, the gods (and godesses) always provide, dont they!

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