Crock score

Went over to Max and Nina’s house yesterday. Max saw a freezer on the corner, and we need a freezer. So we drove around looking for it–but it was gone. Bummer. Back at their house, we sat around and talked about Lynda Barry, chicken farming, and pig slaughtering poems (Rodney Jones has a great one where he calls the pigs the “dolphins of the barnyard”). The topic of crocks came up and Max brightened: do we need a crock? Hell yes, I need a crock I said. Within moments I had a number 6 blue label crock (sans lid) in the back of the car. Thank the heaven and earth for people who like to collect things! The cucs are out of control, I’m going to start the crock o’pickles tonight. As soon as I wash the dirty thing!

7 responses to “Crock score

  1. quite simply… amazing!

  2. good score! I’m looking for a big ol crock myself..

  3. Do you really need a freezer? Because they operate at such a low temperature, they are large users of electricity. They are uneconomical for long term (months) storage, but can be justified for already frozen goods that will be used soon or goods you will pass along soon.

  4. Novella Carpenter

    unfortunately, i do. i have two pigs that are going to be slaughtered so i have to have a place for the meat.

  5. Nice! Old crocks are wonderful.

    (Sometimes there’s an issue with lead glaze, though. You can get a test strip from the hardware store, but my more-technical friends tell me that a negative result on one of those tests isn’t a guarantee that there’s no lead there. Sigh. I use them anyway. It’s a question of history or culture or something.)

    On another note, I’m wondering if the Nina in your post is my cousin who lives in Oakland and has a husband named Max…. It’s a very small local-food blogging universe!

  6. Novella Carpenter

    is nina a poet? poetess? and a librarian? then we’re 2 degrees of seperation.
    i hadn’t even thought of lead in a crock. jesus.

  7. Yes, indeed, that’s my cousin Nina. Say hi to her for me, will you? I haven’t seen her in years, as she missed our last family reunion. (We’re 3rd cousins I do believe, though our family’s a bit closer than the usual extendeds — the descendants of old-time communists stick together I suppose.)

    As for lead in the crock, well, I’d say do a test. If you’re really concerned about it, you could test several places on the glaze. If there’s no sign of lead in any of the tests, I’d say use it.

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