Credit Union story

Just a quickie post before we go dumpster diving (again). Last night it was a lettuce avalanche. Our usual haunt was totally empty except for many EPT pregnancy tests. We hit the store around the corner and got about 8 buckets of perfectly lovely lettuce. The bunnies are in heaven.
Here’s the link for my latest article on

4 responses to “Credit Union story

  1. I was pleasantly surprised two years ago in remotest Oregon that I could get cash ‘back’ at Safeway. Would this work, even locally, with a credit union debit card? Thanks for reminding me of the credit union alternative.

  2. Novella Carpenter

    hey w;
    i think it will, as long as you have a visa or mastercard icon on the card (which they usually do). i talked to one credit union woman who said even traveling in europe or wherever, you can use your credit union card.

  3. I’m a long-time CU member. You can get cash out fee-free from any CU ATM worldwide:

    Sometimes banks will offer particular programs that CUs won’t, for instance “exotic” real estate loans. But for everyday banking, go CUs.

  4. Hey Novella,

    I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months (after seeing a link about your 30 day only eat what you grow thingee).

    I just had to post after reading all the comments on your Credit Union story. I laughed at how pissed off some of those folks are.

    Anyway, coming from a totally non-PC person, I thought the article was well written and I got the point of the article.

    I’m really digging on your blog too. How did you get into the urban farming thing? It looks pretty appealling…but then again, I’m not slogging through dumpsters full of EPT and rotting jicama.

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