Last supper

Today on a goat tour (more info later) my friend Jim pointed out that he thinks the animals which we are going to be eaten should be treated with more love. He names the boy goats which he intends to kill and eat, and makes sure they get the best food and the most hugs and snuggles. I think that’s a beautiful approach.
The dumpster tonight reinforced that idea when we got at least seven pounds of cheese–ricotta, yogurt, and mozzarella–and five buckets of peaches to feed the pigs as their last meal. They’ve definitely had a good life, full of good food, back scratches, and hose time.
I also got two clean buckets with lids (for offal) and a ton of coffee chaff (to line the trailer so they don’t smell it up). They won’t get dinner tomorrow night, and they are going to be pissed! In fact today when I went in to feed them, the little girl gave my foot a little bite. Maybe she’s just as curious about eating me as I am of her.

2 responses to “Last supper

  1. A beautiful philosophy and equally beautiful sendoff! I do like reading about your pigs (and I wish, in some weird impulse, I could meet them).

    I am glad you gave them a good life!

  2. YOu have the worlds best dumpsters!

    The last supper… i’m thinking

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