Stay of Execution

For those of you rooting (he he) for the pigs: you score one point, because the pigs are still alive!
I rented a trailer, borrowed my friend Ace’s truck, and Billy helped load them up. I fluffed up the back of the trailer with burlap bags, straw, and coffee chafe. The pigs went right in, gladly, because there was a little vat of peaches in the back of the trailer. Then I drove up to Dixon, CA and met Sylvia, the craziest pig killer ever. She wears a banana clip in her hair (think back on the 80s) and has long fake nails. She smokes thin, long cigs. Anyway, I opened up the back of the trailer, the pigs ran to their new accomodations at Chateau El Ranchito (think concrete) and Sylvia said, “Red pigs!” Turns out the bristle machine is down. The pigs will live another day. Stay tuned for this unfolding story.

4 responses to “Stay of Execution

  1. Endearing pigs! I hope their last day is filled with as many good things as possible. And that they stay happily ignorant of their next stage.

    It sounds like you have given them a good life–and I hope you continue to enjoy them. 🙂 What are you doing to do with them? Do you have a big freezer at home?

  2. Novella Carpenter

    hi christine;
    i’m borrowing a freezer from some friends. but some of it will be made into cured meat products like salami, proscuitto, and pancetta. can’t wait!

  3. Maybe they will make an escape at the last hour. Does one of the pigs have the blue prints of El Ranchito Prison tattoed on his back?

  4. I’ve been crazed to learn what’s going on with the pigs. I can’t wait to find out how it goes and how everything tastes!!

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