Pork marathon, part three

The heads.
Samin and Chris waxed poetic about the time when Dario the Tuscan butcher came to Berkeley and made this very same dish: pigs heads, pig trotters (feet), carrots, orange zest, and some ancient kind of alcohol. After cooking the heads all day, one then picks out the teeth, peels the tongue, splits the cranium to get the brain, and then stuffs the whole shebang in a linen sock. In a few days all of the flavors meld, the fat congeals, and there you have a Tuscan head cheese: aka Sopressata.
Not to belabor this point but, hanging out with the pigs heads today, like their butts yesterday, made me appreciate them so much. To know how they come apart, to use every bit of them to make something delicious, to make something with a deep history. It felt right. And they don’t look too pissed, do they?

4 responses to “Pork marathon, part three

  1. I have to tell you, the saga of the pigs is one of the most inspiring things I’ve read here on these Intertubes.

  2. Those look like darn happy pigs.

  3. They look very pleased to have fulfilled their destinies and become sustenance for those who loved them and nurtured them.

  4. Novella Carpenter

    thanks you guys!

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