Pork Turkey estuary

Sausage. Making. Too tired to take photos. Mixed up a lot of ground pork with paprika, salt, sugar, pepper, fennel, basil, and oregano then funneled it into some poor hog’s casing. I’ll admit that when Sylvia said she killed the pigs and didn’t save the insides, I was semi-relieved that I wouldn’t have to clean the small intestines to make the casings. I hear it’s a smelly, poopy task. But I do wonder too, who first saw a poop filled intestine and thought: meat should go in here. Is it some kind of whimsical folly? In any case, they tasted good–fried up and served with sauerkraut.
Now–I’m so sick of writing about food, I don’t know how you food bloggers do it. Back to the farming….
Here’re the turkeys! They’re glad the pigs are gone so they can wander around freely in the animal area. There’re three Bourbon Reds and one Royal Palm. I think it’s three ladies and one guy. I love the sounds they make and they follow me around everywhere. Trouble is, they get distracted and then confused. Poor silly birds. Those are the pullet chickens in the background–there are twenty. I’m keeping the Marans (beautiful French chicken that lays chocolate colored eggs) and selling the rest.

2 responses to “Pork Turkey estuary

  1. LOL at hmm, maybe if I replace the poop with pork parts, spices and peppercorns I can hang it in my kitchen for a year? How did they come up with that? good question!

  2. Hi Novella, when you emerge from pork, I have avocados (picked, still hard)and apples ready to eat. Call me. Laura

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