More meat

Left the farm for a weekend–well, technically only one night. But boy did it feel great! We stayed at Jug Handle Creek Farm near the town of Mendocino, CA. My urban farming friend Willow organized the get-away weekend. Of course we brought pork roast to share for Saturday dinner. Chris Lee and I gathered fennel and rosemary then stuffed it into a hole of the loin roast. That’s Italian style. Served it with Samin’s pepper jelly. Amazing. I spoke with one of the guests, a woman who lives in London about Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the famous meat cook. “Oh, I can’t watch him, or Gordon Ramsey,” she declared. “They swear much too much.”
We swam in the ocean, slept in the woods, and picked blackberries. Now that’s a break. We returned home late Sunday and the rabbits were very hungry, the duck quacked his head off when he saw me, and even the chickens came out for a midnight snack. Simon, the buck, escaped but I found him this morning, visiting with the turkeys. Dear sweet animals.

2 responses to “More meat

  1. I could just sink my TEETH into that meat. yum. yum

  2. looks juicy!

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