Pig tacos

Sorry–one more food porn moment.
Check out the pork tacos. We’ve been making homemade tortillas (fried in lard, si claro!), then dicing up some boiled pork with some onions, more fat, and chiptotle peppers.
And while I’m talking meat: I hung my salamis at Eccolo, turned the proscuitto, lardo, and coppas. The bacon and ham is marinating in my fridge, tomorrow I take them out of their brine and smoke ’em.

2 responses to “Pig tacos

  1. Your stories of backyard farming are fantastic and inspiring. I love how you really get into it, no mincing words, rendering duck fat, et al. We’ve been eating more locally on our own small scale. Check out my posts at http://emerson.typepad.com/emerson/

  2. There is nothing better than homemade bacon! I see you mentioned brine: Liquid? or are you using a dry cure that turned into a brine? What are you going to smoke with? As I am in Washington State I tend to use apple wood myself.

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