Sunday food processing

I’m reading the Little House series–Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Farmer Boy–by Laura Ingalls Wilder. “Reading” as in it’s the toilet book. They are basically how-to guides for all things homestead. Like there’re chapters about making butter, sausages, slaughtering a pig, and building a log cabin. It’s really nice, and I can relate (except the background noise for my homesteading is police helicopters and schreeching tires). Especially right now, what with the Harvest Moon coming up this Wednesday. Everything is yelling: pick me! The squash, corn, cucs, lettuce, beans, tomatoes. We went to our friends’ farm and picked up several buckets of dry-farmed tomatoes. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got tons of ‘maters, but these are the best for canning. They’re super sweet yet durable so they stay whole in the jar. I’ve been raw-packing them since late last night. We should have enough to make it through the winter.

3 responses to “Sunday food processing

  1. you’re a crazed woman! i loved the nyt article, wish i could have seen the pics of you. hopefully, next time it’ll be an article you wrote…

  2. Novella Carpenter

    samin: i’ll bring a copy next time i’m at the restaurant–oct 1, i think, for more meat stuff.

  3. lol, two of my friends called me Little HOuse on the Prairie today! Did you know on dad’s side of the family we are related to Laura Ingalls Wilder!! I swear! (what a great last name, Wilder)

    I canned fig leaves and grape leaves yesterday. Your ‘maters look great! Spaghetti night at your house this winter, yum.

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