Full moon

I harvested only about 1/4 of the squash last night because most of them just aren’t ready. According to The Compleat Squash, winter squash aren’t ready to harvest until the rind passes the “thumbnail test”–ripe squash should resist the pressure of a thumbnail. Mine went right in. Also, the skin should slightly dull and the vines should wither as an indication of ripeness. Still, the Galeaux is starting to dull, so I’ll probably pick in the next few days. The Indian popcorn isn’t ready yet, either. Kind of disappointing, but the bonus was I did pick a squash that looks just like a butt. It had grown into a piece of wire fence. I had to cut the wire in order to free it. Talk about a full moon.

2 responses to “Full moon

  1. Butt squash! Bwahahahah!

    This made me think back to when Bill and I were living together and we had lots of trees in the back yard which had grown into the fence, had ropes tied round them etc. and had “consumed” these items. I was fascinated by them. I took lots of pictures. I read somewhere that these are called “consumptive trees.” You have a consumptive squash! Neato!

  2. Bwhaaaa Ha Ha ha. Mmmhahaha. I just saved your picture and found that I did not have to rename the file. buttsquash.jpg Perfect! Thank!

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