My friend Nanci had twins. She brought them over the other day–Annabelle (pictured) and Tula. What cuties. Bill pointed out that we don’t need babies because we have enough animals to keep us busy. Nancy said, “Yeah, but then you eat your babies!” Yup, true enough.
Also, I wrote another money column for–here it is. It is just a story about one guy’s experience with student loan debt. That’s the point of the column: a profile–I’m not asking readers to feel sorry for this person or make a judgement about his financial decisions. Why do people spend time posting comments that deride my subject’s personal life? Must be great being perfect…

4 responses to “Twins!

  1. GreenEngineer

    Debt is a racket based on the assumption of continuing future growth of real income — not necessarily a safe assumption these days.

    You might be interested in this three-part article on this subject, written by an actuary, over at The Oil Drum:

  2. Novella Carpenter

    i know, i’m going to pay off my debt as soon as i get the cashola but for some, they have to borrow because school’s so dang expensive.

  3. novella, let me just tell you: being perfect is all cupkakes and puppies all of the time. i’d know.

  4. LOL Samin–makes me think of the Puppy network, a tv channel with just puppies 24/7.

    And for the commenters on the Gate: Get a life folks. Is there so much vemon (piss and vinegar) inside of people that the have to go and post insults online that they would never say to someone’s face. Judge much?

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