Turkeys in Bed

Blogging on Friday night. How pathetic! Bill’s at the Mekons show tonight. I was supposed to meet up with a potential housesitter (we’re going out of town for the month of November–but who’s going to take care of the animals?!!). I made fresh salsa with all the damn tomatoes, cooked beans with pork skin…but they didn’t show up. Sigh. I had even cleaned the ding-dang house!
Lots to report on the farm. Here are the turkeys just before going to sleep. They’re getting large. Edible. They follow me into the garden and we hang out most days, but then they start pecking me and I don’t feel bad about their future in my oven. Today I put up a bunch of nesting boxes for the new chickens. Also, discovered a secret nest constructed by our crazy Black Star hen who likes to lay eggs in strange places so I don’t find them. This time, just under the downstair’s neighbor’s living room window. The hen even used an old newspaper to make it homey. I tested the huevos and only three had gone bad–that is, floated upward when placed in a bowl of water. Guess I’ll have to host a brunch soon….

One response to “Turkeys in Bed

  1. Cool! You have black star hens too. We have 2, Peeps & Poops. They are just starting to lay really wonderful eggs and we can’t wait to try getting a batch of babies with one of them and our delaware rooster, Del.
    We also have 3 ameraucana hens, Niel, Tubby & Blondie, and 2 older red starts, Boldy & Scaredy. And one Japanese banty rooster, Toshiro.

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