New! Improved! Slop Bucket

RIP Slop Bucket. Aka our 1979 Benz station wagon. This past weekend I took it down to Pick n’ Pull and turned her in. She served us well: transporting the piglets from Mendocino, shuttling us to Baja, Mexico where we drove off a cliff, and hauling countless buckets of horse manure for our garden beds. As if that weren’t enough, she also carried the pigs bodies home after the slaughter. Needless to say, the car was a disaster. Old peaches rolling around, clods of horse dung, spilled biodiesel. Slop Bucket also suffered from a cracked windshield. But the real reason we turned SB in: clouds and clouds of pollution-y exhaust. One day I had a guy drive up to my car, unroll his Toyota truck window and yell: “You are bad. You are polluting this earth!” He had a Kenyan accent. I was going to argue with him, tell him to fuck off, but at that moment I realized he was entirely right. “I know,” I said. “But I’m poor. I know it’s dirty, though.” He smiled and thanked me for admitting I was destroying the earth. Even though we ran the car on biodiesel, there’s no excuse for that much smoke!
So now I’m on the bike. All the time. Hauling crap. Tonight I went to Chinatown and got snacks for the rabbits and turkeys. Lots of bok choy and pears. Rabbits love pears. I love the new and improved S.B.

5 responses to “New! Improved! Slop Bucket

  1. You should troll craigslist for a bike trailer. I got one for $25. It’s pretty sturdy. It started its life as a kid’s trailer with seats, but I took the seat out and can haul groceries in it now, with my daughter in the seat over the rear wheel.

  2. You go, girl!

  3. I think the bike trailer idea is really a good one. I am worried about all that weight on your handlebars/brake levers. That’s an accident waiting to happen. I’ll keep my eyes on Craigslist for you here also. Maybe you could pick it up while you’re here! Lemme know…

  4. Novella Carpenter

    thanks y’all. i’m up for a trailer, if you find one. especially becasue i need to buy heavy things like rabbit food. thanks!

  5. Or… Build your own! There are tons of designs out there. The simplest attachment method I’ve seen is this one

    The bamboo trailer is a beaut’ but you gotta write to the guy for plans (?)

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