Damn this early rain. I had to pull up the corn before the usual Halloween date. Still, the corn looks good, if a bit smaller than I’d like. The kernels are very very hard. This variety is just called Pink Popcorn. I’m going to dry the ears in the house then make my first batch of popcorn soon. What makes this kind of corn popcorn? Margaret Visser in Much Depends on Dinner, writes, “When popcorn is heated, the starch inside the skin of the kernel fills with steam until it bursts: steam leaks out of the skins aof other types of corn because their hulls are less horny (he he she said horny)…Popcorn’s beautiful cloud and butterfly shapes were greatly prized by the Indians who used them for necklaces and ornaments.”
Based on how much popcorn we eat, this cache will last approximately two weeks. So much for popcorn self-sufficiency….

3 responses to “Popcorn

  1. Beautiful Popcorn! It may last longer than you think, depending on how long it takes to dry to the proper moisture level within the kernels. It will make for a fine interior display in the meantime…this coming from someone who decorates with garlic and chiles!

  2. i am so coming over for popcorn!!!!!

    (i’m turning in my app. tomorrow).

  3. Do you remove the kernels from the cob? If so, how?

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