Caterpillar id

Any bug experts out there? I found this guy in the garden today. At first I thought it was a cabbage worm and was going to feed him to the chickens. But he sure is big for a cabbage worm–and those stripes! Pest or friend? Anyone know what he is? Manny? Har har.

8 responses to “Caterpillar id

  1. I think I used to find those on my grandfather’s tomato plants.

  2. It’s a tomato worm. Kill it and kill it now.

    I don’t usually endorse this kind of violence.

  3. indeed, tomato horn worm. those things can clean a tomato plant of leaves overnight. so gnarly. give it to the chickens!

  4. Novella Carpenter

    wow, it’s the biggest tomato worm i’ve ever seen (like an inch thick). sick!

  5. Riana Lagarde

    he must have had A LOT of tomato leaves before you found him. Looks like a main course meal for the chickens!

  6. Yikes. Tomato monster. I can’t even look at them without getting nauseated.

  7. Farmgirl Susan

    It’s incredible how much tomato hornworms can eat. A single one can decimate half a tomato plant in no time. They’re also amazingly good at camouflaging themselves.

    Hand picking is the easiest way to get rid of them, but it’s really creepy if you’re not wearing gloves. : )

    Feed them to your chickens, and they’ll love you (the chickens, not the worms, hee hee). But trust me, you don’t want to watch them eat! ; )

  8. mscommunikate

    I dare you to eat it yourself. Roast it on a stick over a fire. Or fry it in oil with onions – but if you do that, break the skin first so’s it doesn’t explode.

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