Food refugees

Um. We packed like idiots, just throwing whatever into the car. In terms of food that meant: 8 jars of tomatoes, 6 packets of Italian pasta, honey, tea, 20 pink lady apples, peaches, pistachios, dried figs, olive oil, then, at the last minute (thank god!), we veered into Eccolo and grabbed three salamis. We’ll find food on the road. Actually, no. We forgot polenta, the dried peaches I made, pickles, almond butter. So much. And Bill forgot his underwear. At least we can buy underwear. Walk into a store in Bishop, CA or Sells, AZ and you’re going to find processed food, pale veggies, and sad meat. In Bishop we asked for some local beef (there are beef cows everywhere!) but the counter guy glumly told us the meat they sell comes from the Iowa feedlot. “We can’t sell our stuff.” Meanwhile, someone packed some deliciously red elk meat behind him. Sigh. The only up side is the Mexican influence–we bought great corn tortillas, and Oaxacan cheese last night for dinner. Now I know why everyone wants to tell Alice Waters to stuff it. She should really come out here to the real America and see how bad it is.
p.s. sorry no photos yet, i forgot my flash card reader.

7 responses to “Food refugees

  1. i’m really on a defending-alice kick these days, and i have to say that if more people wanted the right things, they would get them. it would probably not happen overnight, but changes would be made nonetheless. don’t be so grouchy! hope you’re having a great trip (apart from the food).

  2. hope you have a great road trip! i hope you run into some good farms and produce stands soon.

  3. Riana Lagarde

    Rabbit, rabbit! praying for good road side foraging to come to you guys soon. meaty boletes live in the pine and oak woods if you happen to pass some…so glad that you are updating! love the stories from the road!

  4. I have some grunders that Billy can borry. Dang! I can’t wait to see you!!

  5. Lemme know what else yous need. I gots the computers and grunders.

  6. Novella Carpenter

    samin–you’re right of course. i think the coolest thing about all the mexican food at the grocery stores means that whole groups of people are demanding–and getting–their traditional foods. the problem is, again, that most americans don’t have a strong food culture identity, so we don’t know what to demand. alice does give some people a path to follow. and that is a good thing. we’re finally in austin and the food is tasty.

  7. Three and a half years have passed since you wrote this but I have to say there are still parts of America which haven’t improved much in this regard. I live in rural Oklahoma with cattle ranches all around but what meat is in our stores? Commercial feedlot crap. We do have the thriving Oklahoma coop which deals exclusively in Oklahoma raised/made products but the closest pick up point for the once a month deliveries is an hour away. I don’t work outside the home and my kids are grown so it’s easier for me to seek out good food but the vast majority of people here in our little town buy all their food at Walmart.

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