Name game

Lots to write about New Orleans. But it’ll have to wait.
All this driving I’ve been thinking about how our farm needs a name. I’ve got a couple ideas, but wanted to get input from you all. I was thinking BottomFeeder Farm or GhostTown Gardens or Seize the Dirt Farm, but I’d love to open it up for a dialogue.

5 responses to “Name game

  1. Ooh! I vote for Ghost Town Gardens!

  2. Ghost Town Gardens!

  3. Hi Novella, I found your blog through your sister in France and Flickr! I have a rather pretentious suggestion, but hey…here it is: Oppidan Sylvan (or just Oppidan Farm) (I looked in a thesaurus under urban and rural!!!)- but it really DOESN’T roll off the tongue. I like Ghost Town Gardens too

  4. I like Seize the Dirt, myself…

  5. Gangsters Paradise… har- har.

    Seize the Dirt is a good one. Or Fist Full of Dirt, Tin Can Ranch, Vacant Allotment, NEast of Eden, or…I’ll think of something

    Safe trip back from FLA and beyond!

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