Biodynamic MoJo

Hey, my article in Mother Jones is out on the racks. Go to Mother Jones so you can read it online.

4 responses to “Biodynamic MoJo

  1. Wunderbar! Thanks for the skepticism. Reminiscent of a thorough article I read about homeopathy recently:

  2. Riana Lagarde

    That was a wonderful read. And I am not just saying that cuz I am your sis.

    I would love to read the full version some day. I think it is so interesting. We definitely follow the moon here, but who knows maybe they are making special boudins marrons in France too.

    Dec 5th is a big planting day here and then the following full moon is the big grape (and tree) trimming. We go out and get the trigs to burn, but not in a ritual–bbqing!

    Anyways, great article!

  3. duane marcus <a href="">Facebook me!</a>

    A very thoughtful articel NOvella, thanks, My work with compost tea has demonstrated that a little goes a long way when it comes to spreading around micro-organisms. It is likely that the different preps. support different species of microorganisms that are specialists in the soil and on the plants. Elaine Ingham, a leading expert on compost tea, with whom i have studied, has done some tests on the effects of creating vortexes in the water before making compost and has found that 75% of the time the tea is better than the control batch. She says that according to strict scientific protocol that is not significant enough to say definitively that it works. But judge for yourself. Not being a ritualistic kind of person i’ll never be making preps but more power to those who do.

  4. “As the daughter of organic back-to-the-landers, I’m fascinated by alternative farming methods, though I like to temper my enthusiasm with a side order of skepticism.”

    I knew we were cut from the same cloth!

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